Pecos Memory Ride

Date(s) - August 19, 2021
9:30 am

Pecos Ranger Station

For distance, GPS route, elevation gain, cue sheet - Click Here

NOTE:  You will probably have to drive to Rowe exit and then head back toward Pecos to get to the Ranger Station as the road from Glorieta direct to Pecos is under construction and is closed.  Start time is 30 min later to assist.

This is the Memory Ride, please remember to ride in silence up to the Pecos River Bridge where we will hold a short ceremony.

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Bill Kinzer  
Bill Kinzer  
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Dena Ross  
George P Lukes  
Gerald (Jerry) Merkey  
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Jim Guss  
Joe Shaffer  
John and Catherine Veilleux  
Judy Costlow  
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Michael Holzscheiter  
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Rob Balcer  
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Rubin H Landau  
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brian c morgan