Dan’s GPS is quite the statistician. 3,199 satellite readings in 90 minutes. We now have a 21.2 mile training route around El Dorado for those who wish to start their outdoor century training. Looks to be about an hour and a half workout for one circuit including a few rollers, 10.4 miles of climbing, 10.9 miles descending pedaling the loop counter clockwise. 1,159 feet climbing elevation, ditto descending. Tuesday 25th, oh god I need a rest day. fsg@email.arizona.edu if you would like to join a jaunt.

There are two or three easy parking areas on the route, RT and Ave. Vista Grande, Playground parking a mile further west near Ave. Vista Grande and De Compadres intersection and a couple more along the Eldo Loop. Following is the counterclockwise route from Rail Trail (RT) and Ave. Vista Grande parking. Maybe Dan can use his magic to add milage markers.

West Ave. Vista Grande Road
North on Ave. Azul to road end, turn around
South half a block
West Encantado Loop around and back to Azul Road
South to Ave. Vista Grande Road West again
South bottom of the Eldo Loop Ave. Casa Del Oro
East Ave. Eldorado Road
South Ave. De Compadres Road, off the El Dorado reservation so to speak, ten meters of dirt
West Mejor Lado Road, out and back to Ave. Eldorado Road
East Ave. Eldorado Road
South Ave. Torreon Road off the reservation into La Paz community another small loop
South La Paz Loop Road back to Torreon Loop within La Paz community all the way back to Ave. Eldorado Road
West Ave. Eldorado Road
North Caliente Road
West Ave. Vista Grande
South Ave. Torreon Road
West Monte Alto Road, loops around back to Ave. Vista Grande
West Ave. Vista Grande RT and parking



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