Is your 40 degree rule actual temp or feels like temp?

I prefer “feels like”, which includes the “wind-factor”. Warmer permits a quicker warm-up, vasodilation Wiki- ”blood increase due to a decrease in vascular resistance, healthy decrease in blood pressure, intrinsic due to local processes in the surrounding tissue or extrinsic due to hormones or the nervous system. Importantly, the response may be localized to a specific organ depending on the metabolic needs of a particular tissue, as during strenuous exercise, or it may be systemic seen throughout the entire systemic circulation.” In other words, less chance of “stripping a gear”, tearing muscle tissues with strenuous exercise, a.k.a. good stress.

Temps are steadily climbing over the next week, so prognosis looks good. Eldo Loop rides for the coming week are afternoon jaunts from RT (Rail Trail) and Avenida Vista Grande Road parking. Anyone welcome, contact if you wish to hook up as a couple of us will be testing the Galisteo Basin Trails later in the week rather than the paved Eldo Loop jaunt.

A reminder that a small lunch, less than 500 calories for example, a couple hours before afternoon exercise is appropriate for maximum training efforts of one to two hours. A small lunch will kick the metabolic blood sugar up enough so as not to risk bonk, at the same time allow for some fat burning depending on one’s pace or effort.

Dan Potter Eldorado photographer. Double click on photo to enlarge. Quite beautiful.




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