Hello all SOB club members,

I have seen a change in the way our board members do business especially this year.  The idea of consensus is not really understood as a longer decision making process in favor of a quick decision. Making a decision without all the board participating is the opposite of consensus.

Important decisions like the A/A- group separation that was rushed through without a motion, second, and proper discussion is a good example. Now the current e-bike guidelines action without all the board members participating is another.

I was the elected associated student body vice president in both high school and college were one of my responsibilities was overseeing the use of Roberts Rule of Order at the meetings. It bothers me greatly when I see the way this board has trampled these principles.

After some thought and careful consideration I have decided that I am out of step with the decision making process of the current board. This is a very difficult decision for me because I have been so involved with the operation of the club since 2007.

Please accept my resignation from the Santa Fe Seniors On Bikes cycling club Board of Directors effective March 1, 2020.

Respectively submitted by Edwin Crosswhite

February 25, 2020

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