Edwin Crosswhite – In Memorium

I already missed Edwin but now it’s permanent. My first ride with the SOBs Edwin signed me in and warned me about riding up to Jacks Creek, he said young lady the last 2 miles averages 8% grade, I want you to know that!  He was right but I went anyway. 

Cat V

Wow, soooooo sorry to hear about Edwin, he was an inspiration to me and a mentor for my group lead role. I often heard Edwin saying that riding is the best method to spiritual and physical well being. I will miss him dearly, we would often joke, when we would get a headwind, we would say “there’s an Edwin in front of us” 

Sorry to hear we lost a true leader and SOB rider 
Ruben C

Very shocking and such sad news. It was always fun riding with Edwin, he was a wonderful guy and an outstanding leader, for the SOBs.  

R.I.P. Edwin, you will be missed.
Alan W

Edwin was the first person I met and got to know back a few years ago.  He gave me the 5 minute safety rundown, and what to check on the bike before a ride.

He always had my back.

Edwin, we will miss you.

Tom H

Sad news indeed. While Edwin did not ride with us for several years, some of us did call him on occasion and try to coax him to join us, without success. The Tues. rides about 12+ years ago consisted of Edwin, me, and sometimes a few others. We would meet on our bikes at the Rail Train and Siringo Rd and ride to Elderado or Rancho Veijo for a coffee. It was a small group and we got to know each other quite well. He is missed.
For those who have been considering a new bike/e-bike, or a trip, do it while you can, I’m glad I did. 
Alan K

I was shocked and saddened upon receiving the news of Edwin’s passing. We had a long time cycling relationship being one of the three Musketeers (Bill Litzenberg, Edwin and myself). We rode every winter as long as the temperature was at least 32 degrees at ride time. We were younger and tougher then.  Covid interrupted our cycling group and friendship. We spoke occasionally, the last time about 3-4 months ago. Edwin said he was getting back to cycling and would ride into town several time a week stopping at the Travel Bug for a special brew.

In 2010 we made a video together for the SOBS website to attract interested cyclists. It successfully  increased membership, almost doubling.  (ed note:  The video is still on the website, on this page at the top:  https://santafesobs.com/about/   )
It is a fond memory of Edwin and a tribute of his dedication to the cycling community.    
Gary K

Edwin was a Bicyclist, a Leader, a Teacher and above all, a big hearted man – to all of us. I was shocked by the news but at the same time happy to learn that He and Yuko could make the choice they did.

Edwin will be on my mind forever, but especially every time I am riding my bicycle, imaging him being in front of me, leading the way. 
Michael H

I can picture Edwin and Judy standing behind the sign-in table at one of the old SOB rides. Edwin is smiling and laughing and greeting each and every person and always seemed to remember everyone’s name. He made everyone feel special and wanted and that is a rare gift.
Maya Angelou once wrote:
People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel.
Thank you, Edwin, for making me feel special.
I will never forget and will try to do the same for others.
Diane P

One of my most vivid memories of Edwin was when he pulled up along side of me as we were biking on Bonanza Creek Rd.  I was fairly new to the group. For the next 20 minutes, he gave me his undivided attention.  He explained how he liked to get know each SOB by taking the time to talk to each individually.  He felt until you did this, you wouldn’t know how truly impressive everyone was.  I often think back to that time.  This was a rare quality he had.

I had convinced myself that Edwin would join our bike rides—and lunches—again, in time.  I’m sad we won’t have that opportunity, but do feel he will guide us on rides from above.
Barbara C

I will always remember Edwin’s kindness and open heart, just as many of the other SOBs do. He was such a big part of the organization when I joined. I am glad that we got to honor him during the pandemic with an award for his leadership. 

He was always so proud of his LCI number of 221. There are now more than 7000 League Cycling instructors. Edwin was one of the first, and also one of the best. I know because I took his courses, including the basic one, and assisted in subsequent courses. 
Edwin not only selflessly shared his love of cycling with us, but he was also a wine maven who shared his love of the good stuff.  We shared several memorable bottles on the Chama trip in 2015 in Del Norte, Colorado. There are many more photos of him on the SOB website. The cycling community will miss him. 
May his memory be a blessing. 
Lynn P

Shocked and super bummed to hear of Edwin’s passing. We were always fond of Edwin and appreciated all his many efforts on the Club’s behalf. It was aways nice to see him with his little sign-up table for Thursday rides, funny how that sticks in the mind. In particular, I fondly remember several idyllic rides with him discussing all matter of issues (and having Fina coffee), especially an enjoyable long decent from La Monga Pass back into Chama on one of the Club trips a few years ago. His kind are rare and he will be missed – we will think of him on the rides we do in the years ahead. 

Deb & Rich

I rode with Edwin for about 20 years. He helped me plan and rode with me the first time I rode up the Ski Basin monitoring heart rate and speedometer. He was always friendly and helpful.
Do you know that he had the brakes switched to the other sides on his custom bicycle? Edwin felt from years of riding that the front brake did more of the braking and should therefore be used with the most sensitive and strongest right hand. His left hand was used for the rear brake.
Steve H

Around 2007 an ad in the New Mexican, announced a meet up ride for potential new members of a club, the Santa Fe SOB‘s. I responded meeting Edwin in, of course, the parking lot of a coffee shop. After a short spin we had coffee. Edwin spoke not only of the joy to be had cycling but the opportunity to grow friendships.  With this membership came the education  Edwin was so good at sharing, ride safety courses and ride leader training. Meeting Edwin that morning was the beginning of my affair with cycling. 

Edwin had a passion for hats, always looking dapper, but never more so than when he donned a Santa Fe Century cycling cap
Thanks Edwin 

It is interesting that I think of Edwin frequently. When I first joined the SOBs 10 years ago I rode with him often. He was incredibly kind and generous. He went out of his way to compliment me on my riding style particularly my pedal cadence. Whenever I am concentrating on my cadence, that is to say on most of my rides, I see Edwin riding next to me. 
I try to model my behaviors after him   

Edwin will be universally missed. I consider myself very fortunate to have attended the Ride Leader Training session conducted by Edwin.
I was amazed by his bicycle knowledge & prowess.  I enjoyed talking with him & hearing about his experiences in Cairo. 
Charles B

The most impressive memory I have is that awful accident day in Tucson several years ago. Edwin took control of the situation and acted as a father coaching us through the loss, uncertainty and the sadness of the moment. That evening we were still in a state of shock. Despite that Edwin urged us to go to dinner. Bonnie and I ended up sharing a table with Edwin and Yuko. Just the four of us and Edwin suggested I order a bottle of wine and I chose a Spanish Monastrel. He didn’t recognized it but said let’s give it a try. It turned out a nice wine. I am telling you this because Edwin was able to make us feel at peace with the situation as terrible and brain wrenching as it really was. 

Adrian V

Sad indeed! I’ll always remember Edwin as an ebullient big hearted, open minded person. And, of course his devotion to bringing people and bicycling together was endearing. I suppose his absence these past years lessens the blow a little, just a little.

I’m glad he had the option to end his life on his own terms.
Maria B

Many of us who are in our eighties know our time is short, but it is more clear when we lose one of our leaders.  Those who road with Edwin for many years knew him as a kind person who never left a rider behind.  He would fall back many times to encourage those having difficulty.  Several of us including myself admired his positive leadership and enjoyed conversation during our lunches and breaks.  Yes, we all will miss Edwin.  Rest in peace.
Gary T

Edwin was great guy and really contributed to the SOBs

Rob B

My first SOB ride was over 11 years ago, the Cochiti ride.  I vividly remember Edwin yelling at me cause I was late (I arrived at the start time, never did that again).  He later welcomed me and made me want to ride with the group on a continual basis.  He mentored me, got me to be a ride leader, and got me to join the board.  We had our differences, but it was all for a good cause. 

Edwin set the stage for the SOB’s to become what we are and how we have continued to evolve, welcome new members, and enjoy our rides.  

I missed him when he stopped participating and as many have said, we will miss him permanently now.  RIP.


I’m a late addition to the SOB’s so I didn’t know Edwin all that well. I only rode with him in the B group for a brief time before Covid. When I started riding with the SOB’s he was welcoming and encouraging (as was the whole  SOB culture).

We are grateful for his efforts to grow such a good organization and to make riding such a pleasant experience.
Paul M

Edwin was my first contact with the SOBs in 2012, before I moved here in 2013.  It was always enjoyable riding with him, as well as having discussions about many topics while having coffee after the rides.
Edwin’s decision for Physician Assisted Death was a courageous one.  I have been a member of Compassion & Choices since it was previously known as The Hemlock Society and totally support one having the final say about their life.
We will remember you Edwin!
Monica S

Edwin, dear friend, leader, teacher, ambassador of kindly, community cycling, adios. Your friendly inspiration and joy of life moved us up cycling hills and other life journeys. We savor your legacy on the road and off. Rest in Peace.

George G

I’ll never forget the joy I felt when I got my first crappy little bike as a kid. Sixty years later, it was rekindled when Edwin (and Steve Gitomer) invited me to join the SOBs. Edwin lived his life with that same joy, and shared it generously. I can touch it now whenever I think of him. I am blessed to have had him as a friend. 


Edwin was a friend, a mentor and a cheerleader for our biking community.  My sorrow is deep in losing him, but I am glad he got to decide his own destiny.  He was a man of dignity, and strength, always looking out for others.  When I think of all the ways he made our bike group work so smoothly and efficiently, I can only be grateful.  We miss him.  

I had been thinking of him lately, because so much of my bike riding brings back memories of him.  We rode together a lot, but he was always on the lookout for anyone in need.  He was kind and wanted everyone to ride regardless of their ability.  He would monitor and encourage all of us, making sure we stayed safe and were not alone.  I know during the difficult time in Tucson, he was the one who kept people connected and helped them through that horrific time.  
We missed him throughout the pandemic and hoped he would return to our fold.  He is gone, but his spirit will be with us and we will not forget the support he gave to make the SOB’s happen and to continue.  I took the picture of him when he got our Nambe thank you.  It was only a plaque,  but he felt the love we had for him.  It made him tear up to know how much he meant to us. I am so glad we could show him our love and respect before he died.  It is so hard to lose a hero.  With sadness and sorrow.
Judy C

After we moved to Santa Fe in 2013, we visited Spin Doc and learned about the SOBs through the flyer that Edwin had placed in all the sponsor bike shops. I had a schedule conflict on Thursdays, so we tried the Tuesday ride from deVargas instead.  Little did we know that Tuesday rides were too aggressive for us.  After the climb up Camino de Las Crucitas and Montoyas to Tano Road, I fell far behind.  Edwin  stayed with us and guided us to Camino La Tierra where he gave us directions back to the parking lot and took off to catch the group as they rode the las Campanas loop.  I understand that he did catch the group, but he had to ride like the devil.  The ride could have soured us on the SOBs, but Edwin’s generosity and suggestion to both stay for coffee with the riders and try a Thursday ride led to years of great biking experiences.    

Edwin was the heart and soul of the SOBs.  He was a unifying leader,  a Recruiter and Educator Extraordinaire and a friend to all.  He really wanted everyone to enjoy biking as much as he did.

Mike misses “Rasputin-time” with Edwin at Café Fina after rides, and now will miss them forever. 

Edwin gained even more of my respect for having the courage to make the decision that he did.  I always expected to see him on club rides again someday, but I believe he will be there in spirit and we will feel his presence.    

Shirley & Mike

My Uncle was Edwin, we always called him Uncle Ed. I have been reading these testimonies
about him and I do recognize this person by all your wonderful memories and so I’d like to share a few from before he entered your lives.

I may have had a part with his interest in biking. Back before he got into it he visited us in Saratoga CA. At the time I was a teenager in the 70’s and had become the owner of a basic steel frame 10 speed that another Uncle had won in a raffle. I don’t remember the brand but was nothing I had heard of before and had brazed lugs. I was much more into tinkering than riding so I sanded and repainted that frame more than a few times and I replaced the parts with then popular brands such as Campy derailleurs and Phil Wood hubs. It was always a heavy beast. But I had fun working on it. I showed Uncle Ed my bike and he showed some interest in ti. The next time I saw him he had bought one and was really getting into riding. We did a ride together and I had trouble keeping up. I never did stay with bikes especially after I got my license.

The other remembrance I have is back in 1976. He rode the Bikecentennial trail across the country. Ed and Yuko took me and my sister up the coast to Astoria, Oregon where he would start the ride by dipping his rear wheel in the Pacific. We had three 8 track tapes that were played over and over the roadtrip, Neil Diamonds Hot August Nights, Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat and one by Anne Murray. We did not get tired of them. He sent my sister postcards along the way and ended with him dipping his front tire in the Atlantic.

Ok one last one, did you know he drove a Porsche 912? it was green about a 65 or so. First time that I saw that you would wave to another Porsche driver. It was a cool car, he was recently married so I was getting to know him and found out he had been in the Navy, went to seminary school (he was going to be a priest?!) and also was part Native American and being the first white guy to marry into the family was also a new one for me.

I am so sad to hear of his passing. Thank you for letting me know just how much he touched your lives as he did mine.

May our paths cross again Uncle.

Gary S, Edwin's Nephew

My memories of Edwin are of his support and friendly approach to me as a new SOB rider retiring in Santa Fe.  He was always happy, ready to help and fun to be around.  He was a great leader for the club and for encouraging and teaching the new members.  
I took his Bicycle class and practiced the road skills in the parking lot under his supervision.  When I fell off my bike and hit my head during a sharp turn practice, he encouraged me to keep trying AND to get a new helmet.
He did so much for the SOBs, the club is not the same without him.  
Thank you, Edwin.
Dana R