Good news:  After 2 weeks in the hospital following the road rage incident on March 1st, Doug finally left the hospital on Friday and is now at home.  Recovery from all of his injuries will take some time but he looks forward to when he can ride again with the SOBs.  He welcomes visitors but please call him first.  If you need his number email admin @ santafesobs . com and I will send it to you.

Ed D is also improving.  He says:  My ribs are still sore, but another week or two and I should be able to do heavy breathing without them hurting too much.  I have been getting out a few times for short rides. Larry, Monica and I met in Eldorado for a ride of about 20 miles for me, they went longer.

Bud B says his hands are a bit better and I have seen him ride at least once on the trainer without hands (I didn’t see that, he posted it).  Hard to grip anything (brakes) at this point until casts are removed.

I know that we wish everyone a speedy and full recovery.

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