On Sunday, June 10, the SOBs join the riders of the Texas 4000 and the University of Texas alumni at the Las Campanas Country Club. A social hour with cocktails begins at 5:30 p.m. Dinner will follow. It is very important to obtain reservations for meal planning. SOB members and spouses, friends, guests are invited to join in the program. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the club’s features and the food and service have always been outstanding.

The program begins with the social hour and dinner and a brief program presented by the University of Texas students who will speak about their program development and the commitments they have made to widen the knowledge about the importance of cancer research. Many of these students are already cancer survivors and, or, have family members who are.

The Texas 4000 riders arrive in Santa Fe on Saturday, June 9. SOB members will greet the riders at the Agora Market in Eldorado about 3:30 p.m. SOB riders will lead the Texas 4000 students to the Plaza and to their hotel in the Railyard District. This is a fun activity because a group of about 50 riders attracts attention of drivers and there is an amazing feeling when the entire group visits the Plaza and walks through it before remounting bicycles for the last half mile to the hotel.

We need your reservations as soon as possible so that the preparations can be made. The cost of the meal is $60 per person. Part of the expense enables the student riders to join in. Two or three students will sit at each table for dinner. The conversations with these students is very entertaining. These are upper division and graduate students who have completed the selection and training programs for the 4000-mile ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska–in 70 days! When you talk with them at dinner, you will wish you were riding with them.

To make your reservation for dinner, send me an email with the number you are bringing. You will pay by check at the Las Campanas Country Club when you arrive. Send your reservations to pollockb@aol.com    

More information in the next few days. Just a week away from the arrival of Texas 4000!

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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