I posted rides for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the month of December.  All rides will start at 11am.  Starting points are DeVargas, ElDorado, and El Camino Academy respectively.  However, the forecast for the coming week is COLD.  And if you believe the long range forecast, highs not conducive to enjoyable riding, even at 11am, for much of December.

So, two things to note.  One, depending on weather for a specific day, it could be better to ride a day before or after our typical ride days.  Keep that in the back of your mind.  Two, it might be a good idea to start close to ABQ for a little bit of a warm up, once or twice this coming month.  We can discuss as we get closer.  For the coming week ABQ does not look much warmer than here.

Might be time for a brunch meeting this week?

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