On the morning of March 1st, 2018, members of Santa Fe’s Seniors on Bikes (SOB’s) were participating in the Club’s weekly Thursday morning ride.  A few miles down NM route 41, toward Galisteo, the group was passed at a high rate of speed by a white Honda belonging to and driven by Jacob Brown of Moriarty.   The riders were single file and on the right edge of the road and Mr. Brown’s car passed within two feet of the riders, blaring his horn the entire time passing.  After passing, Mr. Brown stopped his vehicle, put the car into reverse, and came back at the group at a rapid rate.  Mr. Brown stopped only after hitting injuring the three cyclists at the front of the pace line.  One rider sustained several broken ribs; another was left with two broken wrists and the third rider was severely injured, sustaining 12 broken ribs a broken pelvis, a break to the cheek bone and a severely dislocated shoulder.  This rider was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent’s hospital where he was placed in the critical care unit for several days until stable enough to go into surgery to begin the repair process.

To date, Jacob Brown has only been charged with stopping on a highway.

Please send a message to the DA’s office MSerna@da.state.nm.us :
Marco P. Serna

District Attorney
First Judicial District
327 Sandoval Street
Santa Fe, NM 87504

“When considering the charges against Mr. Brown in case number 0218003175, we urge you to consider that a car is a deadly weapon and in intentionally reversing into a group of senior cyclists Mr. Brown intended serous harm. We believe the charge should be attempted murder.  It is important to send a message to hostile drivers that they need to Share the Road with Bikes. (Bicycles and pedestrians.)
 Without serious consequences, the message you will be sending with this sentencing could be that this kind of aggression will be overlooked.
 It is not right that people are afraid to ride their bikes on our roads.”

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