Headed south along the Colorado River

Corona Arch

Every rider took pictures

24 members gathered in Moab for 4 days October 26-31. The weather was perfect! Warm sun for riding. Cool nights for snoozing. No accidents. No incidents. The members made route choices and picked out routes they would enjoy. And get this–two days of riding were on flat roads through beautiful canyons along the Colorado River. And the ride in Canyonlands National Park was spectacular. Some climbing of about 1800 feet for the 34 miles. The ride in Arches National Park was curtailed for road construction, although three members did ride the park and pronounced the ride as spectacular.

The two rides along the Colorado were beautiful! Yellow leaves on the trees. The Colorado runs slowly in this area, almost looking like a lake. The first day out was 40 miles round trip. The ride in the opposite direction along the Colorado was 34 miles with a stop at the movie museum. Most of the John Wayne westerns were made at this spot. Right in front of the lodge, Wayne drove cattle through the river. That movie was called “Rio Grande.” And now we know why the movie showed a lot of green grass on the sides of the Rio Grande.

Great social hours high on the roof top of the Best Western every day and untold numbers of empty wine bottles donated to recycling. Everybody pitched in each night. And great restaurants. Even a night cruise down the Colorado where huge searchlights illuminated the canyon walls. This accompanied by the Morman Tabernacle Choir singing American songs about the beauty of the country and some patriotic songs. Several members were so moved that they tried to enlist in the services, knowing that they were seniors and would be rejected.

And Judy has an important announcement for you. The SOB Holiday Party is scheduled for Thursday, December 21. You won’t want to miss this affair! Take you cell phones out right now and enter this activity into your calendar.

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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