Change to start location for normal Saturday ride.  Starting DeVargas at 0830.

I’m going to go along with Rick’s idea and change our Saturday ride to start from DeVargas and head toward Chimayo or all the way to Truchas for the truly demented.

Here are the stats:

DeVargas to Truchas (via Chimayo and back on 76 and 285), 74 miles, 5556 ft.

DeVargas to Chimayo (back on 76 and 285)  58 miles, 3600 ft.
There are lots of options and bailouts to shorten the ride.  Bailout at Tesuque, Pojaque, Nambe church, Nambe dam.  I have routed us back from Chimayo on 76 to La Puebla then along 285 (for a short distance) to Cities of Gold and then back up the frontage.  Folks can choose to retrace back from Chimayo the way we go out rather than take 76.  Folks can choose to go to Truchas via Cundiyo rather than via Chimayo.  You could drive down to Tesuque and meet us there to shorten the ride.  Or drive to Cities of Gold, same thing.  The possibilities are endless.  If you plan on meeting us at a different location other than DeVargas please let me know via email (use the contact form on the website) so we know to look for you there.
The weather should be better, a bit cooler, Tstorms not high % till 4pm.  For me, I’m planning to go to Chimayo and then head back from there.  Hopefully someone else will ride with me.

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