The note below is from Judy’s sister, Cassie, late on Tuesday night.

Judy had a busy day today with her physical therapist and her occupational therapist.  She had a good exhausting walk in the halls.  She’ll probably be able to wash her clothes tomorrow as part of her occupational therapy.  She said the food at the facility isn’t great but everyone is nice and helpful.  Her friend John has helped her strategize with airplane plans and her bags (he’s going to keep one of hers and mail it to her once she’s home).  He will deliver her a latte tomorrow before he heads home to Oregon.  He did arrange with his Uber driver to see that she gets one daily.  Claire also learned from the facility that there is a shuttle driver who is able to run errands for patients – including getting lattes.  Judy is set!
Judy is shooting for February 1 as her return to Santa Fe.  She knows it may not be exactly then but it is a reasonable plan.  She has contacted her travel insurance to see about them reimbursing her the cost of first class air fare (she’ll do it anyway but it’d be nice if it could be covered) and she will arrange for assistance with transport within the airports via wheelchair.  She really does have a handle on how best to do this.
She has her ups and downs.  Evenings seem to be more difficult – she’s tired and so it’s harder to see the progress she’s made.  But she is dealing with this remarkably well.  Let’s give her another quiet day tomorrow.  Then I think calls will be okay again but if people could share their call information with others in their network so not everyone is calling her it would be great!
More tomorrow!

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