All of the information needed to participate in SOB rides is available on the website without a login.  Most SOB members do not have a login to the website, nor do they need one.  Only people who REGULARLY post to the blog should have an account on the website in order to minimize spam.

We had a comment section in the blog, however, it has been removed for new posts to avoid confusion.  Due to the login requirement the comment section is not really appropriate for a large number of people to comment on a blog post.  Due to the high maintenance cost of running a discussion group, we do not have one, especially since over time these tend to degrade into twitter.

Further, we routinely scrub the list of people who have accounts and if they have not had any activity for a year or so, then we delete their account.  So while we appreciate the desire to solicit comments from membership, unfortunately, the blog is not the place to do it.  The board is discussing a survey relative to the start time question that was recently raised and will advise in a day or so.

For questions about how the club is governed please refer to the bylaws (link).


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