Lots of people are concerned about pueblo closures.  Lynn drove the route and I called and spoke to a Cochiti pueblo representative on Tuesday.  Yes the pueblos are closed so we cannot do our traditional loop.  However, A and B groups will start at the usual parking place at 0830.  We will ride down 16, turn right on NM22, climb to the lookout and regroup.  We will then reverse back down 22 toward Santo Domingo and go up to the gas station.  Regroup.  Then return via NM 22 to our cars.  Not sure of the mileage, maybe a bit less than we usually get with the loop so if you need more miles you can go past the parking lot to the end of the road at the dam, which is also closed, but for different reasons.

You do not have to ride.  If you want to do something else, feel free.

Note that the C ride is not starting at Pena Blanca on July 22.  See below post for C ride.

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