Join the SOB’s as we get together to celebrate the life of Clare Rhoades.
Clare was a member and officer of the SOBs and was killed 3 and 1/2 years
ago in Tucson on a SOB ride.  Her vibrant life is being honored through
partnering with the dZi Foundation to bring much needed health, education,
and income support to one of Nepal’s most isolated villages.  Richard
Hughes, her husband, will be matching up to $50,000 each year for the
next two years.  Please join us to celebrate Clare’s life and to help us
reach our goal.
El Castillo Community Room
250 E. Alameda St (where we have our Holiday Celebration)
Tuesday, August 6th 4pm to 6 pm
Drinks with Chips and Salsa will be served.  Parking is very  limited.
Ride your bike if possible.  Call Judy for more information-820-1036

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