1.  Change of Covid Waiver.  The Board has decided that fully vaccinated, for SOB purposes, requires a booster shot.  Exact language below:

I have been fully vaccinated* . If not, I agree to wear a mask at all times during interaction with SOB riders, including while congregating at the beginning of a ride, when riding, at rest stops when congregated, and when dispersing, and I also agree to ride behind all other riders at all times.
*For our purposes, people are considered fully vaccinated after having received both the primary series of vaccines  AS WELL AS ANY CDC-APPROVED BOOSTER OR BOOSTERS within 3 months of said booster being readily available in the Santa Fe area.  Full vaccination is one week after your booster shot. If you don’t meet these requirements, you are NOT fully vaccinated. (previously two weeks after primary vaccine series).

2.  Since this change was made after many of you have already submitted your 2022 Covid waiver, this notice will serve to modify your waiver as indicated above.  If you disagree with this change, you may withdraw your waiver (at any time) by sending a message to admin at santafesobs.com and stating that you wish to withdraw your Covid waiver.  Withdrawing your waiver will make you ineligible to ride in any of our groups.

3.  As you know, omicron is everywhere.  As a reminder: Please, if you feel the slightest bit unwell  (sniffle, headache, over tired, achy, temperature, what have you) DO NOT RIDE WITH THE GROUP.  Thanks for being considerate to us oldsters.  

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