The C Ride on Oct.14th will ride to the Gorge Bridge near Taos.  We will start at 10:00 from the parking area south of the Gorge Bridge.  There are two ways to get there.  The first way is through Espanola and on towards Taos on NM 68. In Pilar opposite The Rio Grande Gorge Visitor Center turn left on 570 towards Pilar, Carson and the Orilla Verde Recreation Area.  This is where we cycled last week.  Cross the little bridge and continue on the dirt road to the top of the gorge.  At the top there is a parking area.  Park there.  The other way is to go through Espanola, but continue on Highway 285 until the right turn on 84 through Ojo Caliente .  Continue until a right turn towards Carson on NM 567.  Pass Carson until there is a sharp left turn (90 degrees), but continue straight to the parking area.  Allow a good 1 and1/2 hours which ever way you come.  From Santa Fe start by 8:15 at the latest.  We want to be ready to roll at 10.  The drive is spectacular and the ride along the Gorge is beautiful, 10 miles to the bridge and then back.  Please sign up so I know how many to expect and can alert you if plans change.

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