The Bicycle Trails Advisory Committee (BTAC) meeting at 5.30 at City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave.
One issue is the proposed Canada Rincon Trail.  This would link Rincon / Francesca near Zocalo to Calle Meija near Santa Fe Spa.  This short trail extension would allow hikers and bikers to reach downtown without going through the apartment condo parking lot and using the steps.   This would provide another route to get from downtown out to Tano Rd.  And vice versa.
Anyone willing to support this trail would be appreciated.
Here are the details.
Also, it was suggested at the ENN meeting on the Canada Rincon trail that we could also ask the Trail Committee to consider paving the north part of the underpass at 599 and Montoyas to allow road cyclists to cross 599 without having to brave the 599 traffic by using the existing tunnel.   Right now the south part of the trail is paved from Montoyas to the other side of 599 but then it turns to rock.  If the north part were paved we could then connect to Montoyas and access 599 South or Montoyas North.
Hope to see some of you there.

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