Today, a group of ten riders met at La Bajada to ride an on road/off road gravel ride to Madrid, Cerrillos, Waldo Canyon loop.

About half way round the loop, Bob took a tumble and fell heavily on his side on the hard packed rocky road. It appeared his front wheel caught in the loose sand and he fell in front of us. We made him comfortable, but he was unable to stand and move his leg, so called for his wife (Barb) to come and pick him up.

The accident occurred in a remote area in the hills behind Madrid, but Barb picked him up and they left for medical treatment in Santa Fe.

I just received advice from Barb that Bob has a broken hip, is going to have surgery tonight (Tuesday) and will likely be out of action for three months. I am sure I speak for all of us in wishing Bob well and a fast (as possible) recovery.


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