Bike Santa Fe is looking for local bike activists interested in helping make new and ongoing programs more successful. Do you have time and skills to help make Santa Fe an even better biking community?

As Santa Fe’s leading bike education and advocacy group, Bike Santa Fe is expanding. But to reach our immediate and longer term goals we need committed volunteers to provide support. Whether you have the motivation and skill set to develop an entire social media program, or simply have a few hours occasionally to hand out information at an event table, we need you and want to hear from you.

The growth of Bike Santa Fe means we are reorganizing into 5 sub-committees:-  Media, Education, Advocacy/Govt Affairs, Membership/Volunteers and Events. If you are interested in being an active part of any of these committees your support is welcome.

Although we need all levels of support, we could especially use volunteers with legal, tech/computer, design or NFP development backgrounds, plus experienced administrators.

Also, please also keep in mind the 8th annual Bike Swap will be help on 4/7. And the first of our 2018 Smart Cycling Skills adult bike classes will be the evening of Thurs 4/26 and all day Sat 4/28. Email us for information and to sign up!

For Safer Cycling,


Bike Santa Fe


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