The first class will be offered on Thursday, April 2, 2020. These classes will be at the same time and place as the SOB Thursday rides and designated as Group D at the sign-in table. There is no charge for these classes if you are a current SOB member.

This 10 week course will be taught by Edwin Crosswhite, a League Certified Instructor (LCI #221). He taught 30 years as a public school teacher and has 45 years of experience training bicyclist of all ages to improve their skills. There will be fellow SOBs assisting him so you will get personal attention.

The material taught will follow the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling curriculum. This will be very basic starting with hermit and bike fitting, ABC Quick Check, through bike handling and group riding skills. Each 20 minute lesson will be followed by an organized small group ride of two miles and over the 10 weeks will increase to 20 miles. The intent is for you to feel confident riding with the C Group.

If you are interested or know of anyone that would benefit from this type of program, please have them e-mail me at:

I am looking forward to your participation.

Edwin Crosswhite LCI 221

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