Hey SOBs.  The first “in season” ride is April 6, just 2 weeks away.  If you have not been riding, time to dust off the machine, lube the chain, pump the tires.  First ride starts at Museum Hill at 10am on April 6.  You can see the ride list through June here.

So far, for April rides, I have GPS Routes setup for all the rides.  From the ride list, click the ride name (typically the start location) and then you will see a list of rides in the section immediately below the map.  Click the ride you are interested in, and you will be able to see the route and the topography.  You can print a cue sheet if you want, or better yet, you can download the route into your handy dandy GPS bike computer.   You’ll never get lost again.

The Ride with GPS website has some help files on how to download the route.  Your GPS unit (Garmin, etc.) will also have help should you need it.  Enjoy.  And let us know if you find this information of value.

Join online if you have not already done so, and avoid the lines and crowds at the first ride.  And remember we ride Tuesdays and Saturdays all year.  Schedule is here.

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