What does April mean for SOBs?   10am ride starts.  Scheduled Thursday rides begin.

Let’s review.

  1.  Are all your waivers submitted for 2022?  Are you paid up?  As of mid March your membership status was indicated here.  If you paid or waivered since then, it is not reflected on that sheet and you will have to remember what you did or did not do.  I will update the list in mid April.
  2. Ride signup.  Since Covid we have been signing up for rides online before the ride.  We are still doing that.  Go here and read.  At this moment for the first April ride, we have 4 A riders, no B riders and 7 C riders.  Note the text about ride cancellations if there are less than 5 signed up by the day before the ride.

For ride leaders, time to sign up to lead May rides.  Click and submit your form.

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