The B ride leaders think that the state road is open through (not into) the Pueblo and are planning to do the route listed on the website with a B- ride going 30 miles including a stop at Starbucks for coffee and a B ride doing the full 40 miles. At least that is the plan as of this posting. Stay tuned! If nothing further is posted for B rides, the start will be at Black Mesa casino.

edit by BobB:  I am going to stop on Wednesday at the road block and ask if we can cycle thru on Thursday.  I will do a blog post on Wed that you will get Thrs morning regarding whether we are confirmed to start at Black Mesa or if we have to start at Sandia.  This applies to A and all B rides.

Due to the possible uncertainty of the road situation and the fact that only 4 people have signed up for the C ride, it will be changed to Eldorado at the Agora Center and will be a tour of Eldorado, led by Shirley, who has several 20 mile routes she can lead. She and the group will decide which to do on Thursday. Please sign up if you want to do this ride.

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