On Thursday, forewarned of increasing winds later in the day, the SOB Riders thumbed their noses at Niltsi and departed toward Madrid and Stagecoach Summit (Ortiz Pass).  The ride out of the 599 Station to Lone Butte Gas Station was uneventful; but we were facing an increasingly strong and gusty wind. The climb out of Cerrillos to Madrid was brutal. On the last downhill into Madrid we were able to muster an impressive 8 MPH!!   But our thoughts of misery were wiped away knowing we would soon be sitting at Java Junction enjoying a refreshing cup o’joe (Joe behind the lens).

Undeterred by Niltsi, we pushed on to Stagecoach summit. Once at the top, the swirling, gusting headwind made for a tricky and sometimes scary descent. By now, the SOB Riders were focus on just making it back to the 599 Station. The winds had built to 30 MPH gusting to 40 MPH as we began our trek up Highway 14. The strong and gusting crosswind made the trip a “white knuckle” event. At least the wind was pushing us toward the edge of the road and not toward the traffic. At times it seemed as if Niltsi wanted to sweep our wheels out from under our bikes. Exhausted and battered by the wind, the SOB Rides made it back to the 599 Station and promptly headed to the Blue Corn Cafe and Brewery on Rodeo Road for well deserved nutrition. The End Of The Trail Brown Ale, an American style brown, has a nutty flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel and a medium body. It is smooth with a malty and slightly hoppy finish.  It was the fitting brew to end this epic ride.

Overall it was a a 43+ mile exhausting trek at 15+ MPH with 2,400+ ft of ascent. Just another…


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