Anatomy awareness

How comfortable are you on your bicycle during a twenty mile ride, forty miles, sixty miles, century? What does tensional integrity have in common between Buckminster Fuller, a bicycle wheel, and one’s anatomy? How does saddle height range change with one’s flexibility limit, and how does pressure mapping help us find our favorite saddle? It is not about the bike… or is it? UC San Francisco produced a Mini Medical School for the Public bike fit lecture presented by Curtiss Cramblett, a professional physical therapist. The hour lecture’s first fifty minutes will help moderate and avid cyclists become anatomy aware as it pertains to their bicycle. I found Cramblett’s warning philosophy apropos for master age cyclists. “The body is cement waiting to harden, and motion is lotion.” By the way, it is about the bike, and it is about the body. Both links are the same lecture. Good viewing.

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