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Santa Fe Road Riders

Robert Mang
June 29 at 5:46pm

In light of last Saturday’s A-Ride accident that resulted in some body damage, and some bike damage, it seemed like a good idea to repost these Group Riding Guidelines. If these were followed, there is a good chance we would have all stayed on our bikes.

Ostensibly, the 4 cyclists went down due to the uncertainty created by a van leaving the freeway onto the 285 just past Café Fina. The intentions of the van changed, and were not clear, which resulted in several riders in our group quickly adjusting their line and pace. This, by and large, resulted in the crashes.

Sure, accidents, by definition, happen, especially when it involves the uncertainty brought on by oncoming vehicles. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t, as a group, do a better job of following some riding rules to mitigate this from happening in the future. If we were more spaced out, none of these crashes would have happened. And as we’re amateurs, keeping space between our bikes should be the main rule.

The guidelines are in the attached PDF:

Guidelines for Road Cyclists

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