Those SOB members going to Frisco next month should be sure to bring secure locks and plan to use them when stopping for coffee, shopping, and sightseeing. This article below from Denver Post 8/13/2018


FRISCO » Law enforcement officials are investigating a string of high-end bike thefts that have taken place in Summit County over recent months. At least 23 bikes have been reported stolen in the county since early May and police believe the thefts may be linked to similar crimes in Vail and Avon.

“It has been a problem,” said Sheriff Jaime Fitz-Simons. “And we find that it’s sometimes a cyclical or seasonal problem. We have years with a lot of bike thefts, especially as they continue to get more expensive. It comes around, certainly not every summer, but this has happened in the past as well.”

While the sheriff’s office has only received one stolen bike report in recent weeks, individual municipalities haven’t been as lucky. There have been at least four thefts in Breckenridge since early July, and three in Dillon — two this week alone. A majority of reports are concentrated in Frisco, where at least 15 bikes have been reported stolen since early May.

According to Frisco Police Chief Tom Wickman, thieves are targeting high-end mountain bikes and the thefts typically occur at night. It doesn’t appear that the thieves are targeting any specific areas within Frisco, but almost all of the stolen bikes had a bike lock on them that was cut. — Denver Post staff and wire reports

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