Do you know someone that you would like see enjoying cycling and riding with the SOBs but they are a bit put off by the fancy bikes and “professional dress”. Well here is an way to introduce them to the club in a non threatening way.

Edwin, a retired (30 years) elementary school teacher will be presenting a series of 10 weekly rides with a 20 minute class at the beginning of each. These rides will start with five miles and gradually increase in distance to twenty miles so they can ride comfortably with the C group.

The class called Basic Biking will be taught by a League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructor (Edwin). The curriculum will start with the most basic principles of; Starting, Stopping, Straight line riding, Scanning, Shifting Gears and advance over the ten weeks to Riding in Traffic, and Group riding Techniques.

Now for the gift part, send their send name to Edwin (ecrosswhite@cybermesa,com) and he will prepare a gift certificate and e-mail it to you. You can present this to the person of your choice as a gift.

These classes will start in April, the first SOB Thursday ride and have a sign-in sheet just like the other rides.  I hope this is an idea that will work for you.

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