When I found the SOBs out riding US 285 in 2001, Herb Schon, a founding member, impressed me that he climbed the mountains so easily on the rides. I asked him how he did it. He told me that he gathered the dirt at the Sanctuary in Chimayo and put it in his water bottles.

On July 20, the SOBs ride past the Sanctuary and it is a good opportunity to follow Herb’s lead. Not only that, there is a fabulous lunch at Rancho Chimayo, a well known and liked famous and historical restaurant. What an opportunity! Great food and a magic elixir for your water bottles. 

It is a big help to the restaurant and to the SOBs to project the number of riders who will enjoy the lunch. Lore Thorpe will be at the registration tables at 599 RR station this Thursday, July 13, to accept your reservation and secure your place at the table. Cost is $20.

This year, all the rides start from the Rancho Chimayo Restaurant parking lot. When you finish your ride, step into the restaurant for great food and nourishment. Don’t forget to fill your bottles at the Sanctuary!

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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