11 SOB members tried out the new pavement on Highway 41 last Tuesday. Starting in Galisteo, they rode to Stanley to test out the new pavement. For the present, Highway 41 may be the best paved road in the state! Smooth asphalt has been used for the paving, and the state has added 12-foot wide bike lanes on the shoulders with no lip or break in the paving with the new highway. The new paving begins just south of Galisteo and ends at the bottom of the steep hill that climbs to the mesa. The contractor is still making some repairs that involved substantial replacement of sections of the highway. The riders were asked to follow a pilot car through a 2-mile stretch of cones with many trucks bringing asphalt to huge machines and substantial work forces doing the repairs. The flag people were very courteous and supportive to the riders. The out/back distance was 36 miles. Lots of great scenery with vistas stretching for miles. The downtown Stanley skyline is very supportive of these vistas.

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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