Wesley Horner was a member of Seniors on Bikes about 5 years ago. After a cycling injury he moved to Boulder, CO and resided in a retirement community. Rennie Finney has learned that Wes died October 27 in Bozeman, Montana where he was living with his daughter who worked at the university there. Wes rode usually in the C and B- groups. Wes retired from teaching at Santa Fe Prep where he taught science–geology being his field of study. On one of the SOB rides, the group went to Cafe Fina for lunch after the ride. While there, a young woman probably in late 20s approached me and told me that she was so glad to see Wes, because he was one of the best teachers she had ever had in her education.  I told Wes about her comment and he was very pleased and still knew her background and her work. To a teacher, no compliment can be better.

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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