This is a new ride.  It is from Jemez Springs to Fenton Lake.  We have never done this exact ride before.  Hopefully weather will cooperate.  We start from Jemez Springs which is a long drive but…..  Anyhow, I want to collect a list of who is going to ride so I can communicate and folks can set up carpools if desired.  Also, since this is a long drive and we don’t know exactly how long it will take, if I know you are coming then we can wait at the start till you show up, or at least a few extra minutes.  So to that end we are using a feature of the website that we normally do not use.  Go to the SOB site, click the Thursday ride calendar, then click the ride name (in red).   Or just click here.  You will see a section below the description labelled “Join the Ride”   Follow the instructions.  Thanks for helping with this.  Oh, and make sure you check twitter before you leave for Jemez Springs.  If anything changes I will post there NLT 7am Thursday morning.  (I will also try to email using the signup list.)

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