Advance sign-up worked well last week.  So please do it again if you plan to ride El Rito.  Once we have a list we can communicate and folks can set up carpools if desired.   To sign up, go to the SOB site, click the Thursday ride calendar, then click the ride name (in red).  Or click here.  You will see a section below the description labelled “Join the Ride”   Follow the instructions.  Oh, and make sure you check twitter before you leave.  If anything changes weather wise I will post there NLT 7am Thursday morning.

Also, as far as a starting location.  I want to cut out the first mile or so of riding on 84 as it is narrow and the shoulder is not particularly good.  So, I will attempt to arrive at the Chevron at say 9:10 AM and then from google satellite view it looks like if we go up the road about 1.7 miles there is an electrical substation on the LH side of the road with another paved road parallel to 84 right there.  It appears we can turn left off 84 and then immediate left onto the paved road and park in that area.  Here is a link to the location on google maps.  You should be able to look around the area in satellite view.   Click link then click photo on left of page.  Look around.

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