We are going to ride Monday the 25th (for those whose schedule allows) rather than Tuesday.  Tuesday forecast at 11am is 29 degrees and 21 mph winds.  For Monday it is 41 deg and 7mph.  Also, let’s start again at 599 RR station.  The snow around here (DeVargas) has not fully melted.  Roads yesterday were fine near 599.  We can go in a different direction from the RR station.  Same time, 11am.  Also, based on current forecast, it will not be rideable from Tues the 26th thru Tues Dec 3 due to rain, snow, and/or cold.  I am not going to explicitly cancel all those rides, but I sure won’t be there, assuming the forecast holds.  All rides are weather dependent and you can show or not at your discretion.  I am going to be OOT for awhile so I am going to delegate mothering activities to Christine and/or Rich_I.

BTW, if anyone is interested I have a very basic indoor trainer for sale.  With a speed cadence sensor you can ride all the popular apps like Zwift and Sufferfest.  It is a CycleOps mag trainer.  List price is $190.  It’s yours for $80, OBO.  See photo.   Will come in very handy over the next few weeks and months.

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