Those who are riding the 50 mile century loop, we plan to start with the 8.15 mass start from the college.  Not sure where to suggest we meet but how about toward the back of whatever group there is for the start (which will likely be large).  Then we can feel good about passing lots of people.

A good sized group of us did the Mora loop today.  Thankfully no incidents.  Pretty decent wind with major gusts which built toward the end of the ride.  Of course it was pretty much a full on head wind from Mora to Sapello, probably in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 gusting to 35.  One notable positive, the road for most of the way from Mora to Sapello is newly paved.  And they paved the shoulder and they put gaps in the rumble strip.  Best pavement of the year award so far.  Here is a pic of the A and some of the B group in Mora.  Stay Safe.


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