Some of you may know this but it has not been sent to all.  On Nov 27 Mark W was riding the I25 frontage near Los Pinos Rd heading toward Los Pinos from 599.  He was hit on the left arm by a truck mirror.  The driver did stop and did call 911.  However, Mark suffered multiple fractures on his left arm.  He has been at Christus since and is going home on the 8th.  I visited him yesterday and he is up and about and looks fine.  He does not yet know how much mobility he will have but for now he can move all his fingers and has feeling in all of them.  He will be starting PT once he gets home.
Since he currently has no use of his left arm, and lives alone, we are organizing to provide him with dinners.  He says he is ok for breakfast and lunch.  I have created a calendar so anyone can sign up to bring him a meal.  We suggest enough food for one person for two days so we are only asking for folks to sign up every other day.  If someone has signed up for a particular day, then skip a day before signing up.  Thanks.  There are more instructions once you go to the online calendar.  After you signup, Judy will email you his exact street address as we do not want to put it on the web for the world to see.  However, for planning purposes, he lives near 599 and Rodeo Rd.
Mark no longer needs meal help.  Thanks to all who contributed.

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