Dan Potter below works his camera magic on a recent basin visit.


I, on the other hand, tested trail conditions closer to home this morning. From the dozens of Inuit words for snow I chose the following one which means crusted snow or small ice, sikuak at least for the RT. Below is not RT, and it is not ready for prime time Off Road. Ok down slope, hike-a-bike up slope.


Below is RT; however, it is also called fouling the track according to Federal GCOR regulations. Don’t do this. If you have a 4 inch fat tire bike, RT is ready to rock and roll. Lucy Bettis used to make neat little 4 inch paths for us, but she moved to Colorado. Where are the fat bikes when you need them?


Two comments re the Iceland clips. One, salty licorice really is not that bad, and two, I lived in Nome, Alaska and thought I was tough, but Icelanders are a breed of their own.

Bali 4 minutes

JAM builder St. Petersberg 4 minutes

Iceland midnight ride 3 minutes

Seven hours Iceland 4 minutes

Waterfalls chocolate bars 4 minutes


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