Saturday, September 30th, Dana and Kris Root, Bill Higgins, and I took on the 2017 Tour of the Moon in Grand Junction, CO. Dana and I were training for this ride all season and we were very excited to have Kris and Bill riding with us.
The ride was a combination of gorgeous scenery, exhilarating, very scary, and a real feeling of accomplishment that we made it down safely. A total of 2500 riders started; sadly two riders did not make it down. Thunder, lightning, and very cold rain began around 11 am and continued through most of the remainder of our ride. Coming down the switchbacks in very cold, wet, and windy conditions required slow, careful riding and a ballet dance with our brakes (hard to brake when you can’t feel your hands as many of you know). We were very glad to get back to the hotel and warm ourselves up in Dana and Kris’s room before lunch.

Here is the link to the video my partner Jim Leary made using our Canon camera and his drone;

I was hoping to post a couple of photos but, alas, have not been able to get them loaded.

Watch this video on Vimeo:

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Vicki Smith

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